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What Is The Value That Human Resource Management Adds To An Organization

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To make employees more valuable for the organization we need to go through some process for hiring and employee development. Human Resource Management (HRM) contains job analyses, planning personnel needs, recruiting the right people for the right place, orientation and training, handling wages and salaries, benefits and incentives, evaluating performance, managing disputes, and proper communicating with all employees. The HR management must have extensive knowledge about the industry, leadership, negotiation skills etc.
The 10 popular HRM practices by the author to enhance performance are:
1. Selection:
The very first thing is to select appropriate employee for proper place which is the most critical step. By selecting appropriate employee we can build a productive workforce. So we need to implement right process systematically to find people with right set of knowledge, abilities and skills. It is more important because of proper job fit between organization and that person. So selection is the process through which employers identify knowledgeable, skilled and perfect employees who can be the best fit for organizational values.
2. Compensation:
Compensation is related with employee’s financial need and demand. High compensation means high-KSA employees. Higher compensation helps retain talent. Now it is competitive world, if skilled employee quit his /her job then he can get a good job within short time. Before joining any organization every employee think about their compensation to choose the job. Compensation level is thus among the most important dynamics affecting job choice. Finally as a good employees they have to think about compensation to retain higher quality employees.
3. Training:
To improve capacity of individual, training is the main thing. Training has specific goal of improve one's capability, capacity, and performance. Training give boost to upgrade their self. With training people are able to know of doing things in proper manner and with minimum time. To improve KSAs of employees, we need to design and implement training in proper manner. Because training states, formal instruction given to employees by employer or others.
Those three points are include in KSA enhancing practices.
4. Incentive Compensation:
Incentive compensation is the most attractive compensation for any employees. It helps to increase employee’s performance. It is kind of financial reward after a certain time. It not only helps to increase performance but also helps to increase motivation and dedication towards organization. Employee feel prioritize if he/she get incentive compensation on time.
5. Internal Promotion:
Promotion means get new boost-up for new responsibilities and handle work pressure. This can highly motivate employees. Internal promotions is not only beneficial for organization but also good for employees, he/she became influenced to work more.
6. Participation:
Participation means giving chance to the employees to take employees to...

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