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What Exactly Was The Reaissance Period?

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What exactly was the renaissance period??RENAISSANCE, coming form the Latin word, rinascere, meaning, to be "reborn".The Italian renaissance is what historians call "the beginning of the modern world", in an art sense.This was a time when many people were gratified through their talents in art, literature and architecture. These achievements influenced the future of many artists , art movements, philosophies and ideas through many centuries and all over the world.The beginning of the renaissance was created in Italy, at the time Italy was divided into different self governing city-states numbering 250, these towns were from small towns of 2000 individuals to some of the largest cities in Europe during that time, these included, Florence, Milan and Venice which all had approx; 100,000 individuals each. The pope out of Rome "loosely" ran these cities.It wasn't till the mid 1300's early 1400's that many italian cities came under the rule of one particular family, the Visconti and later the Sforza families of Milan, it was the upper class and wealthy families that ran the government mostly, like royalty, they were educated and trained so art was a hight and important aspect of life and culture to them.Florence was considered to be the most important center of the renaissance learning in history, it was here in the 1430's that the Lorenzo family was the highest ruling class here and many artists flocked here as they were aware of Lorenzo de' Medici great love and interest in the fine arts, and saw to seek sponsorship.One can not talk about or analyse the work of an artist like Michelangelo and not explain the detail and history behind his style.This is what we...

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