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What Explains The Difference Between Germany’s And France’s Immigration Policies?

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The world is changing. The movement of products, information, and ideas has never been easier. The globalization of technology has made acquiring such things remarkably simple, fast, and efficient. Now, products such as Coca-Cola and ideas like consumerism have seeped into places most people can’t find on a map. A consequence of this rapid expansion and dissemination of Western culture is that people see the luxurious lifestyles and glittering lights of New York, Paris, and Berlin through the monitors of dated computers in internet cafes that border dirt roads in Ghana. Those same people also look at their daily struggle to provide for their families and wonder, if not at the very least, entertain the idea that there are better opportunities to be had elsewhere. For much of the world, the most feasible “elsewhere” is Europe.
The paper focuses on immigrants in France and Germany and analyzes the immigration policy changes that have occurred since World War Two, focusing on the last ten years as a period of especially relevant interest. The sixty-five years since the end of the Second World War have been a period of unprecedented change around the globe, but in these two countries, specifically. Both have endured markedly radical changes in their respective government structures, economic crises, and national security concerns. In addition to these changes, both countries have experienced a surge in foreign people migrating to their cities, seeking economic opportunity, asylum, or reunification with family members already present in the state. Over time, each states’ stance toward immigration has fluctuated between policies of warm welcome, and those of hostile reluctance to admit les étrangers into their borders. This paper explains why these changes have occurred. The most plausible explanations are three-fold: One, the people migrating to each country have changed, and, the immigration policies have changed according to their cultures, degrees of assimilation into France and Germany, and the skills that the immigrants brought with them. Two, economic forces and policies has directed the immigration issue to where it stands now. Economic forces include market demands for a certain kind of laborer and other pull factors, whereas economic policies mean the governments’ systems of providing for the needs of its citizens and what benefits are afforded to the various sub-categories. Three, as the world has changed, so have global security concerns. These concerns include, but are not limited to, the various terrorist organizations that have acquired a high degree of prominence, both in the public eye and the political atmosphere. Terrorism in the modern era, particularly in the past decade, affects immigration policy because the terrorist organization that has gained the greatest prominence is Al-Qeada, whose extremist views of the teachings and practices of Islam have jeopardized.
Before pressing further into the subject of immigration policy ...

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