What Factors Affect The Resistance Of A Piece Of Wire(Evaluation Missing)

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Aim:The aim of this is to investigate how the length of a wire affects the resistance of it.Prediction:I predict that the longer the piece of wire, the greater the resistance will be. This is due to the idea of the free moving electrons being resisted by the atoms in the wire. In a longer piece of wire, there would be more atoms for the electrons to collide with and so the resistance would be greater. The relationship between the wire length and the resistance should be directly proportional. This is because in a wire twice the length of another wire there would be double the amount of atoms causing the resistance.An example of this would be in a 20cm wire. The electrons would have to travel double to distance if it have to go through a 10cm wire. This would in turn double the amount of atoms that the electrons would collide with and then resistance would double.Plan:In this investigation a simple circuit will be set up to read the voltage and current when the length of the wire changes. The length will range from 10cm - 100cm (1m) with intervals of 10cm. The length of the wire will be changed by moving the crocodile clip across the wire on a ruler. We decided that the best thickness of wire to use would be 30swg.This is because a thicker wire would cause too much heat, and the resistance of a thinner wire would be high and difficult to measure. The reason for this is that a thicker wire has less resistance, because there is more room for the electrons to travel through it.We did preliminary tests to ensure that the wire did not get too hot, and how many cells to use in the circuit. The number of cells I used was important, as it would determine how hot the wire got. If the wire got too hot, energy would be given off as heat, and the resistance would be increased. We did a test that used the same piece of wire at different lengths with 1 and 2 cells. The results showed that with 2 cells, the resistance was higher due to the wire being hotter. For this reason I will use 1 cell to keep it a fair test.The circuit should be set up as in the circuit diagram. It is important that the voltmeter is set up in parallel and the ammeter in series. The readings from the ammeter and voltmeter will be used to work out the resistance. This can be done using the formula:V = IRWhere V=voltage, I=current and R=resistance. This can be rearranged into:This meant that I could find and record the resistance.Fair Test:To ensure that the investigation is carried out in a...

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1037 words - 4 pages control the electrical resistance of a piece of wire:Plan:I will have to measure out lengths of nichrome wire, all of the same type of thickness, and keep them at the same temperature (to keep the experiment reliable and precise)I will use constants of voltage and variables of lengths of wire. I will also measure the current and voltage by using a voltmeter and ammeter for extra reliability. I will use crocodile clips to place the wires connected

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