What Factors Allowed The Spread Of Islam In Arabia Peninsula In Pas

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Arabian Peninsula and Prophet Muhammad are two names which are inseparably linked. When we hear one, we will remember the other .Muhammad was born in the Arabian Peninsula and grew up there and saw many difficulties there. He lost his father before ever seeing him, and then he lost his mother when he was about six and after that he lost his grandfather when he was a young child. After that his uncle Abu Talib was responsible for taking care of him. Because Abu Talib was poor, Muhammad had to be a shepherd in the dry and burning deserts of Arabia. After he rose to prophet hood at age forty, he changed many things in Arabia. Before Islam the situation of Arabians weren’t good. People lived in many tribes. The relations between tribes weren’t good. They had many wars and conflict. The situation for women was appalling and female infanticide was common. Women didn’t have any right to decide or do something and societies were patriarchal. Slavery and serfdom were also common. When Muhammad rose as prophet, he changed many things. He removed slavery and serfdom, united the tribes and raised the status of women (Hitti P30). At the time of Mohammad Islam spread entire the Arabia peninsula. The most important things that allowed the spread of Islam in Arabia peninsula were unique teaching, religious law, trade (route), battle and conquests that Islam did.
One attribute of Islam were unique teachings that attracted many people from many places. In some observations of religions, Islam was the religion that because of religious teachings became more universal and spread and out spread to whole of pagan Arabia and implicated to the world. In the Quran points and shows many concern and interest in ritual observances of religions and with social morality, property, marriage, the rules of social peace and inheritance and separated from other religions by these attributes (Hourani p.18).Because of these visions of Islam that gives more importance in some family cases, social cases and marriage, it was acceptable for the other peoples. And also Islam has many teachings about behave of people with each other’s and advised the people to be kind together and desire the thing for yourselves desire it for you brothers. "None of you is a perfect Muslim until he desires for his brother Muslim that which he desires for himself”. (Reported by Anas Bin Malik and recorded by Imam Bukhari and Muslim. (#183). In this Hadith Prophet Muhammad emphasized in brotherhood and taught to the people how should behave with each other.
The other point of Islam is Islamic laws that don’t let to worship any other things or anyone except Allah (monotheism). Everyone is equal and has equal rights to life as human and no one has right to be worship. No one has right to humiliate the others or force to do something or take them as slaves or serfs. Zakat is also a main part of Islamic law that rich people should give a certain part of their wealth or any other kind of property in the...

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