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Clothing has been around for thousands of years. Even during the primeval Stone Age, cavemen wore clothing. Watching cartoons like the Flintstones, one can get a grasp on what the clothing was made of; animal skin. In fact, that fashion statement carried on well into the 21st century with animal printed clothing. Due to the social events Americans have gone through from the Roaring 20’s, to the Disco fever 80’s, fashion has improved to fit the popular scene. Clothing has changed throughout the years based on the social issues and lifestyles of those living in the decades.
Picture this- reminiscing and looking through old photo albums that one’s grandparents own, they can see how much fashion has changed, even in such a short amount of time. Everything changed, from clothing, to the style of cars, and even hairstyles. As society became more technologically advance, we advanced in our wardrobes as well. As society continues to evolve our lifestyles to something more, our clothing will also have to accommodate these changes.
Over the years many historical events took place in America. The roaring 1920’s, America was hit with the stock market crash following with the Great Depression. The 1950’s were all about the ending of World War Two. Also much technological advancement was made, such as color television in 1951, which sparked a revolution of colorful clothing and new fabrics for the future decades of fashion.
The 1920’s was in fact a game changer for the face of fashion of women. Women of this time period were bored of the customs of wearing dresses and long skirts all the way to the ground. Women began to break free from tradition and wear pants. Many women began to drink alcohol at the bars with men and started smoking cigarettes. Women of the 20’s wanted to show men that they wanted equal rights and the women were going to show the men that they can do anything a man can do, even if it included smoking and drinking. Another fashion outbreak was the showing off shoulders. Women began to wear dresses with thin, straps, allowing men to see their shoulders. This fashion statement was very risqué and earned those women the honorary name of the “Flappers” (History, web).
Fashion obviously took a turn between the 1920’s leading up the ‘50’s decade. America had slowly recovered from the Great Depression thanks to the help of President Roosevelt. During the 50’s, many Americans were living in post-World War II. Also the beginning of the Korean War soon approaches America in the 50’s decade. Throughout the 1950’s young women’s fashion was influenced by the rock and roll craze and movie star fashion (Skwirk, web page). . Many fashion statements in the 50’s were very conservative. Dressing up was impeccably a way of life in the 50’s decade (Lad “Buzzel” web). Bermuda shorts came to the scene in the fifties with teenagers not wanting to wear pants but it was too cold for shorts (Lad “Buzzel” web).
A major fashion issue...

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