What Features Of 'the Willow Tree And Olive' Make It A Suitable Text? This Essay Is For Australian Students In Yr 10

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What features of 'Willow Tree and Olive' make it worthy to study? 'Willow Tree and Olive' is a post- modernist novel by Irini Savvedes. The story presents a period of a young girl's life during which we see her discover and accept things about herself by remembering things from her past that she has tried to forget. Olive is a teenage girl in her last year of school trying to get through the difficulties that come with adolescence: fitting into school, her family and her culture. A speaker who comes to her school triggers something in Olive's memory as she talks about child abuse. Olive is remembering that she was raped as a child, something she never told anyone and forced ...view middle of the document...

We are then able to discuss the subjects of the melting pot vs. the salad bowl and how different cultures fit into society. Rape and abuse are obviously some important themes in the novel and we learn about the reactions victims have afterwards and the stages they go through for recovery. There are occurrences that are quite vividly important to Olive's recovery: remembering the abuse, regressing back to the child she was when it happened, recognising that she was the victim of rape, realising she was the victim, going to Greece to see the place where it happened, and sewing the olive seeds. Coming to terms with the rape was a long, hard and emotional ordeal for Olive, but we see the strength in her and a human's capacity for emotion. She could not have gotten through the recovery if it hadn't also been for some supportive characters: Kerry, her best friend; Paras and Xino, the people she stays with while in Greece; Sappho, the lesbian poet she learns about; and Ms Cavanough, Olive's English teacher. The style the book is written in is highly effective for the story. It is broken into normal narrative style from Olive's and several other character's points of view, pieces of poetry and writing by Olive, and songs and poems describing Olive's feelings. It is, you could say, fragmented, as a mosaic is. A mosaic is a piece of art made form lots of little pieces of a picture and put together to make a beautiful image depicting all the artist wants it to; in this case, it is a striking portrait of the journey of a young girl going through hardships that no one should have to endure, but coming through as a better person for it. I can then venture to compare this novel to another piece of art created from fragments. It is far from your conventional text with a beginning, middle and end. There...

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