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What Filmic Techniques Are Used Throughout The Text, The Truman Show, To Highlight The Fact That Truman Is Ignorant Of Being Filmed?

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Christof, the director of,, The Truman Show, utilises a variety of filmic techniques to highlight Truman’s ignorance of being filmed. It is important in the film that Truman is ignorant of being watched because the show is about his life. If he knows he is being watched he would want to get out of the show and go to the ‘real world’, which would not be good for the show because it is about him. Characterisation is one of the topics that will be discussed , then dialogue, setting, and camera angles. The characterisation technique will be analysed in discussing how the characterisation technique is used throughout, The Truman Show, to prove Truman is ignorant of being watched.

The characterisation technique is mostly used in scene 4, it is important because Meryl needs to use this technique for the audience, and for the show. An example from the film that proves the characterisation ...view middle of the document...

An example from the text that proves this technique has taken place is when Marlon and Truman are having a conversation and he is saying what the person talking through Marlon’s ear piece said to say. Truman is ignorant of being watched because he thinks this is a true meaningful conversation with his ‘best fiend’ Marlon, but in reality it is a lie and what Marlon is told to say. The dialogue technique is another technique used. The next technique that will be discussed is the setting.

Setting will be the technique that will be discussed in this paragraph. The settings technique mostly occurs in scene 1 where the scene shows how everything is stereotypical and the perfect American town. Something to prove this technique has taken place is it displayed a family behind a white picket fence with all the houses in the street exactly in line with the other houses in the street which looked like the typical American house. The fact that Truman does not question his town and how he takes it for granted proves he is ignorant. This is another technique that is used during, The Truman Show. The final technique that will be discussed is the camera angles.

The technique that will be discussed in this final paragraph Is the camera angles. The camera angles technique is mostly shown in scene 8 when Truman is talking to Marlon while Marlon is stacking the vending machine in the shop. An example from the film that proves this technique has happened is when Marlon is stacking the vending machine and you can tell there is a camera in the vending machine because it focuses on Truman and Marlon from the vending machine. Also there is other examples of camera angles in the shop and other places in the setting (town). Truman does not know there is cameras looking at him or he does not pose to the cameras, therefore he is ignorant of being watched. As you know this is the last technique that will be discussed that highlights Truman’s ignorance.

As you can see the director of The Truman Show uses all of these filmic techniques that has been discussed in the paragraphs above to highlight Truman’s ignorance of being filmed.

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