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What Gives It All Away? Essay

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It is quite common for authors to foreshadow events through the inclusion of small details
that allow the reader to make assumptions and predict how the author intends to follow through with his or her novel. Nathaniel Hawthorne, being an excellent example, provided such details throughout the entirety of his novel, The Scarlet Letter. What someone might pass off as minutiae, such as the biblical allusion, an extended metaphor, or irony in Chapter 22, others may understand to be the indication of what is to happen in the forthcoming chapter(s). Certain details are very easily overlooked. Therefore, a reader may be required to read more in depth or even research a specific situation, like ...view middle of the document...

The former seems to imply that the devil was settling down for a show. This "show" turned out to be the downfall of the minister, who finally admitted to his sin of adultery. The latter suggestion, it may be assumed, could have been meant to indicate that the presence of the devil was, in fact, nearby, and he would soon make a move and cause turmoil.
Furthermore, Hawthorne exploited an extended metaphor to predict the future of young Pearl. Throughout the novel, Nathaniel Hawthorne describes Pearl as a creature closely associated with the wilderness. He continuously links Pearl's behavior to nature and even comes out to compare her to "a bird of bright plumage" and later "a hummingbird" (240). Birds are associated with freedom, as they can fly wherever they wish, and this illustrated Pearl's actions very well. Hummingbirds also have a deeper meaning than just the general notion of freedom; they are symbolic of "tireless joy and happiness, the nectar of life, healing, [and] strength" (Earnest and Earnest). Hawthorne's recurring comparisons instill the reader with a general picture of Pearl: wild and free until her wilderness is taken away.
Among the most commonly employed rhetorical strategies is irony. Hawthorne utilizes irony when he describes the scene of Reverend Dimmesdale walking in the procession alongside the town's main public figures. Dimmesdale is portrayed as having walked "with an unaccustomed force" triggering Hester Prynne to feel like "[s]he hardly knew him"...

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