What Gives One A Certain Gender Identity

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Is there a true definition of gender? Yes, there are male and female. But what gives one a certain gender identity? This has always been a very controversial topic throughout time. It really started to shoot off in the 1950’s when the term “gender role” was coined by John Money.("John Money." Wikipedia). Ever since then more and more people have started to question what gender really is, what it really means.There are really only two genders and society really defines what these genders actually are.
Most of the people in the world know what gender they are. If someone is born a male, they usually just accept it and continue on as normal. But sometimes, there is the chance that a person born a certain gender may think that they are really the opposite one. In our history, people who thought that they were the gender that they were not born as were highly frowned upon. But as time went on, more and more people started to feel that they are really the opposite gender which in turn caused these people to become accepted into society. The fact is, more people are starting to question the definition of gender, which has caused many scientists to conduct studies on the topic.
One of the most famous people who studied gender is a man named John Money, who studied it during the 1950’s. He was one of the first people to really question the unwritten laws of gender. He even invented the phrase “gender role”. The definition of gender role is: the overt expression of attitudes that indicate to others the degree of your maleness or femaleness (WordNetWeb). John Money believed that gender was only created by society, not naturally. He later was given the chance to test this theory by experimenting on a person named David Reimer. Reimer was born a male named Bruce in 1965. He was born a healthy male child with a twin brother name Brian. But at 6 months of age, there was concern about how the two boys urinated, and the twins were soon diagnosed with phimosis. They then were referred to have a circumcision at the age of 7 months. Bruce was the first of the two to be operated on. But, during the operation the urologist was using an unconventional method and the procedure ended up burning the penis beyond repair. The doctors then chose not to operate on the other brother Brian who soon had his phimosis clear up without any surgery.
Bruce's parents were very worried of their child's future so they took him to john Hopkins hospital in Baltimore to see John Money. Eventually, money convinced the parents that Bruce would be more likely to be successful in life if he was raised a girl instead of a boy, and that he should undergo sexual reassignment surgery. His parents soon agreed and Bruce underwent the surgery and then became a girl named Brenda. Brenda was then to have annual meetings with Money to assess her progress as a maturing female. For a while the whole process seemed to be a success; Brenda was acting like a little girl, and her twin brother Bruce was...

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