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What Grinds My Gears Essay

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I’m sitting at my school’s cafeteria minding my own business while I read the newspaper. It’s seven o’clock Monday morning and I am wondering why I have to be eating breakfast so early instead of being able to sleep in. I’m also in a bad mood because they decided not to serve any cereal at breakfast and god knows I love my cereal in the morning. Instead I have to settle for an American breakfast: sausage and bacon with some eggs as well. After I am done with my breakfast I check the time to see if I have to go to class yet. Seven forty-five, still fifteen minutes before I really have to go. So I grab the New-York Times and decide to catch up on the daily news. ...view middle of the document...

If people really have that little time to do their daily chores then they should try to wake up earlier and maybe that way they would not in such a hurry all the time. From the time that I was able to recognize a patient person from an inpatient person I can tell you that the patient one is almost always happier than the one that has no patience. In addition to that, the surrounding atmosphere around a patient person is much more joyous than one who is always quick to answer and judge. An inpatient person never seems to care about anyone but himself. Although this might not always be the case it is usually the one portrayed. This will give off a negative feeling between them and no one will benefit from it.When people neglect common courtesy and decide it is not their duty to fulfill, it really drives me insane. Why does anyone think that they are good enough to just leave their tray behind in a cafeteria and have someone pick it up for them? Too many times did I see teachers carrying around a stack of cups that seemed on the verge of to topple over with the addition of just one or two more. People should show the decency to pick up anything they use and put it back when they are done. Unless they are willing to pay people to walk around and pickup after them I see no solution to their laziness. I mean, honestly, enough is enough. Maybe you could get by when you were young because people gave you the benefit of the doubt that you “forgot”. Not anymore. It really kills me that people lack enough common courtesy to clean up after themselves. Not only are you making someone else’s job harder, but I can speak for society and say that I much rather see a clean table then one with three trays containing seven plates that still have food left over. It is also not hard to clean up after you are done. I know that the person is able to carry everything in one trip because he did the same trip to the table with all the plates that had food on them. Another form where people show no sense of courtesy is when someone goes out of their way to help a person, and that person shows no signs of appreciation and goes on as if they expect to be treated special. No one should expect to be treated differently. They should be just as appreciative when someone helps them. If someone is willing to take care of a friend’s son/daughter while they go away on a trip, they should do something to make sure their appreciation is felt. If they do not I highly doubt that the kind person who helped will feel as if they were taken advantage of and will never offer their services again.If everyone just did that little something extra to be courteous, society would benefit in overwhelming proportions. My personal daily goal is to do some small gesture that will make one new person smile everyday. This one small detail seems so insignificant on a large scale but I have to think that the small gesture I did will make that one person’s day that much better. Now...

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