What Had More Of An Impact On The Starting Of The American Revolution? The Battle Of Yorktown, Or The Battle Of Saratoga T

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Many would argue that the American Revolution was successful on the primary basis of the Surrender at Yorktown and/or the propaganda writers of that time, significantly Thomas Paine. The American Revolution was more like a scattered deck of cards or playing the game Chance for the British. Many people and things supplied some sort of addition to this revolution and without them, this would not have been a successful one. The Americans lost an appreciable amount of battles, including ones that they could have possible won, like the Battle at Bunker Hill. Because they ran out of gun powder, the Americans were once again set back while the British were gaining more and more of the American's land. Thoughts of a revolution started right after the French and Indian War in 1763. Due to heavy taxation, threats to their liberties, and the inability to have representation in Parliament, the Americans were forced to become "reluctant" revolutionaries. The Revolutionary War started in 1775 with Paul Revere's ride. Following that was the Battle of Lexington and Concord where farmers stood up against a hoard of British soldiers and "the shot heard around the world" happened the morning of April 16 at Concord leaving 8 farmers dead and 10 wounded. When only about 800 British soldiers showed up in Boston, a little under half of the original dead or wounded, King George III declared the colonies in rebellion. The Second Continental Congress met and George Washington was named Commander in Chief. The American Revolution was a political movement that in 1776 created a new nation, the United States of America as stated in the Declaration of Independence, ending British control. The British, of course, resisted, leading to a trail of battles over control. The Battle at Saratoga was the most significant event towards the winning of this Revolutionary War because with America's victory in this battle came the support of the French and without the French's money, supplies, and skilled troops and commanders, the Americans would of undoubtly lost.The French were reluctant to enter into this war after losing horribly in the Seven Years' War. However, with the American victory at Saratoga in 1778, France, with a reason to believe they could actually win, entered the war on the American side. The French wanted to avenge its defeat in 1763 at the hands of the British in the previous war. They had been secretly supplying the Americans with military supplies since 1775 while awaiting an opportunity to side openly with the revolting Americans. By 1780, both Holland and Spain joined the French and Americans. The importance of the direct assistance that the European allies gave to the Americans in their victory over the British would show up time and time again in history, but notably during the Battle at Yorktown where the French provided essentially all of the sea power and about half of the regular troops in the army of some sixteen thousand men. It is probably not going too...

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