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What Happened? Essay

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Throughout history there has been countless times where uncertainty looms over events that have occurred. For example, since 1963 Americans still find themselves questioning what happened to John F. Kennedy in Dallas’ Dealey Plaza. Although Lee Harvey Oswald was held responsible for Kennedy’s death, debate continues as to whether or not it was him. Numerous theories have been established tying the Cubans, Roman Catholics, U.S. government, Lyndon B. Johnson, and Jackie Kennedy to Kennedy’s assassination. In this situation, as well as in many others, people feel as if they are not being told the whole story. In fact many people are often guided to think a certain way to make things seem ...view middle of the document...

Once the U.S. government stepped in to make the Grand Canyon a national park, everyone else was unable to see the Grand Canyon for what it was. With the employment of tour guides, construction of on-site facilities and creation of ropes making certain areas inaccessible, the “beauty” of the Grand Canyon had changed. This same experience occurred with Sethe and her children. Sethe, who had experienced slavery first-handedly, felt that it was something nobody should have to deal with. Therefore when she wound up having children, she made an attempt at censoring what was to come for them. This was when Sethe attempted to kill her children in an attempt to free them from slavery. Because Sethe knew her children had remained undiscovered so far and believed her children were “…all the parts of her that were precious, fine, and beautiful…” Sethe did not want the “beauty” she and her children possessed to go away (163). Furthermore, this led “124 [to become] spiteful” because the “beauty” and joy that was once in that house was nonexistent following Sethe’s journey to slavery and the absence of three of her four children who were once a part of the household. Unfortunately, although nearly everyone strives for “beauty” in one shape or form, “beauty” all too often disappears once it gets into the wrong hands.
Although the deceased do not have the privilege to come back into society and see things for what they are, Beloved was somehow able to pull this off. The key question in Beloved’s mind was to figure out why her mother would do this to her. Beloved was hoping to see exactly what Sethe experienced that made her life so brutal and what would lead her to live the same awful life. However, because the past is in the past Beloved would never know exactly what her mother experienced first-hand. With slavery slowly coming to a gradual end it was hard for Beloved to picture exactly what happened to her mother. The same proves true to today’s tourist as discussed by Percy. When tourists venture to destinations such as “…the plaza in Guanajuato only to find themselves surrounded by…other couples from the Midwest” they lose the experience of what actually happened there (472). Although the tourist may still see the churches of La Compania or La Valenciana they fail to see how other aspects of Guanajuato were important to the progression of its surrounding areas in the Sixteenth, Seventeenth, and Eighteenth Centuries. Although certain practices or places may still be in existence, it does not mean that one can fully grasp their previous significance by solely seeing these practices or places today.
When people nowadays look to learn more about a piece of history or a certain place it is not uncommon to find them consulting a tour guide thinking they will get extra tidbits of information they otherwise would not have gotten. However, the information these tour guides give contribute to laziness and ignorance people have regarding past...

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