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What Happened To The Birds And The Bees?

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Sexual education is a very controversial subject, and has been for some time. The majority of parents don’t want to entertain the idea that one day their child(ren) will be having sex. I believe that this is why this topic continues to be an issue of discussion. Some say that informing students about sex should be left to religious institutions and parental figures. Others question this approach due to the current statistics regarding teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs). “It is estimated that 5 percent if all new cases of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection occur in people ages 13 to 24, and the majority of these infections are sexually transmitted.” (Ryan & ...view middle of the document...

In all the hub-bub about whether or not to teach abstinence or just present the facts it is often over looked that the information provided may not even be accessible to all students. An example of this would be the visually impaired. Most sex ed classes are full of presentations and pamphlets, but rarely are these translated into Braille. “In American culture, a certain norm is commonly observed in the distance between two individuals in conversation. Dodge (1979) argued that this custom may create obstacles when teaching individuals about self-image and physical anatomy. He noted that when tactile learning is viewed as deviant and even as an act of aggression, individuals who are visually impaired are deterred from exploring either themselves or others as sexual beings. “(Krupa & Esmail, 2010)
There are many hot topic issues surrounding the sexual education of students. Some would rather the public education system be void of the topic as a whole, others would have only abstinence pushed in the classroom. While they are all valid in their points I find it is more important to keep in mind the availability of what information is provided. While speaking with a group of high school freshmen about their sex ed experiences so far the consensus was that it was not very applicable to the real world. In the fifth grade they were separated into classes of male and females. The females were informed about menstruation only, and the males were told about how their bodies were changing. The topic of sex itself was never broached. I asked the group what they thought would be a better approach. Together they agreed that a class that was given in 7th, 8th, and 9th grade would be a better choice since...

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