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What Happened To The Second Amendment?

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Over the course of the past generations, stereotypes and misconceptions have come about for decades prior to the modern era. Stereotypes establish labels directed towards many various groups/communities. And with stereotypes can come about many misconceptions that can create false identities for groups or communities. While some stereotypes hold true for some, not every individual or group falls under those false assumptions due to change and evolution. And while the modern generation still delivers stereotypes, many individuals lack knowledge about the truth and should be obligated to realize how those groups/communities actually are. If individuals do not take the time to actually discover who these groups/communities really are, it can almost forever establish an impediment. Stereotypes can range from a characteristic, to a label given to a group/community. A recent misconception in particular is the fact that some individuals perceive those who oppose the recent gun control laws to be thugs, criminals, and reckless; in actuality individuals who oppose gun control firmly believe in the constitution and safety such as self defense.
Before getting into depth about misconceptions and stereotypes of gun control laws, one might ask as to why stereotypes exist. Humans are quick to stereotype individuals because it is in the human nature to label a random individual weather it may be from the clothes on his/her back, to a physical characteristic, or even the gender. For Example in His politeness Is Her Powerlessness, Deborah Tannen states that “If a linguistic strategy is used by a woman, it is considered powerless; if it is done by a man, it is seen as powerful.”(1) This clearly constitutes the misconceptions humans have differentiating women from men based just specifically on gender. Another illustration, only having to do with a false misconception, is from the article Prelude: The Barbershop by Vershawn Young, Young states “I was struck with just how different I am from a lot of other black men...Many spoke a different lingo...The men wore pants that sagged...that would say unequivocally to everybody.”(1) This exemplifies the modern stereotype that some individuals bourne different characteristics, yet there are individuals who may share the same ethnicity, however, remain different from characteristics not fall under those stereotypes. Recently, the newly proposed laws create a controversial debate that lead to numerous misconceptions from both sides of the story.
Since firearms were invented, it was up to the individual to carry a legal responsibility and choose how to use the registered firearm. However, homicides have been at an all time high, passing the prior mark and is still increasing. An article from the Washington Post states “According to data compiled by the United Nations, the United States has four times as many gun-related homicides per capita as do Turkey and Switzerland, which are tied for third. The U.S. gun murder rate is...

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