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What Happens In Your Brain While You Sleep?

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The mystery of dreams have fascinated people for years. Do they have significant meaning? Do they predict the future? Is our subconscious mind trying to warn us about our waking state of mental health and awareness? There are an abundance of websites and books that help interpret significant bits and pieces of dreams that we remember. Using a few of these websites I’ll interpret a few of my own dreams and what significance they may have had at the time that they occurred and how each one can be used as a coach for future challenges.
When I was about six or seven I would have a few reoccurring dreams. One of them involved a red truck. The truck would be driving down the road beside my house and it was on fire. The truck was speeding and as it drove by my house it would catch the house on fire. As the house became engulfed in flames I would be watching the event happen from beginning to end. I was inside the house but also outside. There was no sense of panic or fear and my demeanor was stoic.
The truck in the dream represented a man from my past that caused me a lot of pent up anger and frustration. The truck was red; the color red has a lot of meaning behind it. Red in this case is a symbol for intense aggression. The term “seeing red” signifies anger. The truck being on fire was also a symbol of anger. The house on fire may symbolize that my external life, or waking life, was going up in flames. Also the house being on fire represents burning down something that caused me pain. (“DreamMoods,” 2014).
Right before I started having the dream repeatedly I went through a traumatic experience. A friend of my dad’s snuck into my room and ran his fingers up and down my leg late into the night. My dad was outside and his friend had came inside to get something out of the fridge and use the restroom. After he was gone longer than my dad felt necessary my dad came inside, that is when my dad found him. The man was kneeled beside my bed and my dad grabbed him and kicked him out of the house. That was the last time I had ever seen him. The next day I had to talk to police officers and explain to them what had happened. This event, I believe, plays a big part in the symbolism of the dream. I was angry at the man and by burning the house in my dream I was trying to destroy the memory that he had left me with.
This dream serves now as a great way of coping with my past. At the time I was vulnerable and had no control of the situation. I would constantly watch the house burn down in the dreams to try to burn away the place the memory occurred, burn away the man symbolically, and burn the incident from my mind. The lesson this teaches me today is one of forgiveness and to face challenges head on as an adult.
The next dream also was reoccurring around the same time the red truck dream was happening. In this dream I was falling. I’d wake up many times feeling scared with the falling feeling in my gut. When you fall you have no control so in a falling dream it...

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