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What Happens In The Conference Room, Stays There

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In all honesty, Denmark makes everything worse. They may have been married once, but nowadays Sweden barely treats the man as a friend, much less a lover. So why does this idiot keep hitting on him?

“C’mon Sve! A quickey back at my place, I swear I’ll never ask again!” Yellow, gravity defying bangs bounced slightly in excitement at the prospect of once again conquering the almighty Lion Of The North -everybody calls him that, even if it was a name for a king of his, not him- in bed.

Sweden gave the man his best glare, attempting to not let the irritable vein in his head pop. There were only two people who could break his stoic state; 1) His lover, Finland 2) His tormentor, Moron -wait no, Denmark- Finland was always able to shatter his blank expression with his words of love and fabulous smiles. Denmark...could do such by annoying that absolute shit out of him.

The Swede had been so lost in thought that he jumped as heavy viking hands placed themselves rather harshly on his shoulders.

“You know you want it Sverige...You only gotta ask~” There went the other blond’s last shred of patience, because he would never be rude enough not to do so, Sweden gazed imploringly at his best friend (Germany) for approval, he wouldn’t start a fight unless the german knew it was happening.

The strict man who was currently scolding an Italian for one thing or another, caught the man’s stare. He sighed and dropped the lecture whilst the brunette beside him inched away to escape and do...something.

He was just about to remove the pestering Dane when suddenly, much smaller hands beat him to it. Said Dane was lifted through the air and tossed barbarically to the other side of the room, where met the wall with a thundering crash.

All nations stared in complete awe at the scene preforming before them, a rather short, stocky man with an irate snarl across his face, glaring a the groaning heap in the conference room corner.

He growled, nostrils flaring, and eyes dripping with malice.

“SWEDEN IS MINE JA!?” Finland vociferated. The small ash blond charged Denmark, picking up a chair and hoisting it over his shoulder along the way, he made ready to protect his wife’s honor with his life.

Sweden however, groaned here we go again he thought sarcastically. Not very many people knew it, but not only was his husband a very...

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