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What Have I Done? Essay

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I sat there staring at her. She had caught me red handed. Words were flying through my head as I tried to think up a believable excuse. Before I realized what I was doing, I heard myself saying “I’m sorry! I didn’t know what else to do!”. I jumped to my feet and ran. Ran as far away as I could get. The park. I climbed a tree and sat there. I felt a lump in my throat, and then a teardrop rolled down my cheek. Another tear, and another one, and before I knew it, I was crying. Why was I crying? Because I had done the unthinkable, and turned my life into an even bigger mess than it already was. I was crying for quite a long time. Or at least I thought it was a long time. That’s the thing about ...view middle of the document...

k.? You have been crying for exactly 11 minutes and 10 seconds now.” There’s a pause. “Ok, now it’s been 11 minutes and 30 seonds. Not to rush you or anything, but I think you are gonna feel extra thirsty if you cry for another umm… 24 seconds.” Ok, now it’s pretty obvious whose voice it was. It was Christian’s. Who was Christian? Only the most amazing friend anyone could ever ask for! Yeah, he could be pretty weird at times, but that was just him. He knew how to comfort you with his weirdness. It was strange, but still pretty awesome. Like right now, he was making me laugh, without even knowing it. But, I couldn’t just laugh after crying for what was probably 12 min now! So, I sat there and pinched my lips together as tight as I could. And that totally worked! For like the first 10 seconds. It worked perfectly, up until the point where I felt this hand on my shoulder and turned around just in time to see Christian measuring how far away he was sitting from me. That’s when I couldn’t hold it in any more, and just let it all out. I laughed so hard that I nearly fell right out of the tree! “So, tell your Christmas Tree whats wrong.” he said. I laughed so hard that I thought it would be safer to climb back down the tree before I really did fall. I climbed down, but he just sat there staring at me. Once I had reached the bottom, I looked back up at him. “Umm…. Hello,I’m waiting.” Christian said, still sitting in the tree looking down at me with his big green eyes. “Ok, first of all, since when are you my ‘Christmas Tree’” Wow! It felt so weird to finally talk again. “And second.” I looked at the ground, if I looked into those eyes I would completey break down again! “Theres nothing wrong.” I couldn’t tell him, he would think it’s so stupid! “Now,” he began “I kno-o-o-o-o-w!” I looked up to see him hanging upside down, one foot still in the tree, but both hands on the floor. His face began to get blood red. I ran over to help him, but by the time I had gotten there, he had gotten his foot untangled from the tree, and was now in a head stand position. “Help…” He said in this scratchy voice. “Oh! Right.” I said. I walked up to him, and didn’t really know how to help, so I just stood there and held his ankle. “Ok, your useless.” He was now sounding out of breath when he said this. His legs suddenly moved, and I got so scared that I fell backward, and he came tumbling down, just barely missing me! He sat up, took one look at me and burst out laughing. I struggled to sit up, and shouted “what? What are you laughing at?” He stopped laughing, and suddenly looked serious. “Nothing. It’s just, we haven’t had that much fun.” “Rolling in the sand?” I interrupted. “Well, yeah.” He continued. “But, we haven’t done that since we were kids. And, after seeing you cry as much as you...

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