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What Home Means To Me Essay

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What Home Means to Me

In a matter of fact, home is a noun that is defined in the -Collins
New School Dictionary as firstly, the place where you live, secondly,
the place where you were born or you feel you belong. On the other
hand, the dictionary also defines it as a place where people are
looked after. The first meaning of the word home would not apply to me
as I only have lived in Dubai, The United Arab Emirates for four years
as compared to the seven years in Marseille, France. Although I hail
from Algeria, a country in the North of Africa, yet I yearn for my
home in Marseille. The last characterization of the word home is not
relevant either. So only the second definition is the most adapted for
me because I spent a very memorable and enjoyable time in France with
my entire family and friends. The true significant definition of the
word home for me lies in: home is with family, relatives as well as
best friends and to be honest, home for me is where the heart is. My
home is in a tranquil, quiet town, which is called Vitrolles.
Vitrolles is just outside the Mediterranean city of Marseille and
although they are very close to each other the atmosphere and the
daily routines of the two places are totally different.

A home for me is not a house. A house is just a building that you fill
up with different items and where you live but you may not feel at
home there. Home is more than just four walls and a roof and to feel
at home one really needs a home. A city or a country offers you
anything one may require to live comfortably and happily. The same
holds true for my home in Vitrolles. My home in Vitrolles is a city
and a country for me at the same time as it offered me three main
things; trust, safety and above all love. I regard France as my home
country as it is where they speak the language I know the best that is
French. Every single area of my home has a history for me as I learned
there how to walk, played games in front of the parking behind the
shady trees, took part in football games in front of the grey towering
buildings with my friends and many more childhood memories I still
cherish. There is also my family and relatives who played an important
part in my understanding of the word home. A herd of birds were
migrating, unperturbed, towards the south. Every bird in the group
felt comfortable until a bird went astray and by accident started
flying in the opposite direction. I see myself as this bird that has
parted its company and is feeling forlorn.

Recently I moved to an imposing five-bedroom house with a large garden
surrounding it. There is also a terrace that overlooks the garden and
a path leading to the swimming pool and gymnasium as well as the
Jacuzzi and a big courtyard where we play table tennis. Attached to
our villa there is a garage where we can park...

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