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What I Believe Essay

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Religious beliefs are devoid of factual content. They are feel-good utterances of the sort children enjoy in the form of fairy tales, including the tooth fairy or Santa Claus. A good question to ask is why do children believe in these things? How did this come to be? Are parents potential lying to a blind sight their child? Do these beliefs besides feel-good utterances have any substance? Or is it that anticipation and excitement for that child worth it? These questions are interesting to look at and observe from different stand points.
After viewing the Polar Express, the message was left that if you truly believe then you will obtain the full Christmas spirit. The true believer alone has ...view middle of the document...

The tooth fairy might be a good explanation to kids why their teeth fall out and that there is a purpose for this process. And because the kids are helping the tooth fairy they receive a reward.
Religious beliefs do not seem to have facts, sure we have to history, the texts, the teachings, the rules, etc. but we do not really have facts that we can completely depend on. Of all the people in the world everyone has some type of beliefs, whether they are from their culture, family, or personal ones, everyone can identify to something/one. But no one has the truth, and no one has the proof, everyone has their own proof and reasons for believing in something or not. The different religions we have are because different cultures use their knowledge to their best ability to explain their experiences and even though everyone might have the same experience, everyone will have their own version because the way they explain it using their resources will vary. That makes sense why religions, although different tie into each other.
Even though philosophers try to explain and reason religion, it is a complicated and difficult task, because it is hard to support your claims and to have convincing evidence for it. That is why I think religious beliefs are devoid of factual content. I also think that religious beliefs are feel-good...

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