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What I Bring To The Classroom

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As an intelligent middle aged, blonde haired, blue eyed, bisexual, depressed, Wiccan female student, I bring more to the classroom than meets the eye. I have met adversity and discrimination head on from the very early age of five. One may ask why the age of five, and I will tell you why. In kindergarten I preferred reading books over playing with other students my age. My teachers became concerned that I was autistic, or that I was being abused. Never in my teacher’s wildest dreams did they consider that I preferred books over my classmates because I couldn’t relate to my classmates because my IQ was so high. It took three different professionals evaluating me, testing me and questioning me to satisfy them that this young, blonde hair, blue eyed, little girl of 2 chefs had an IQ of 168, and that I was perfectly normal otherwise.
As I continued to grow and develop I would question everything around me, and challenge everything that was said, and look at things in a different light than most people, and it confused and scared them. But I persevered even when emotional and sexual abuse on the home front and ridicule on the school front began. My parents ended up divorcing when I was at the age of 10 and I finally got away from the emotional and sexual abuse, but the damage was done. I was no longer the self-confident child that could conquer the world. I was frightened, bored, and ashamed of myself, even though I had done nothing wrong. Throughout the next several years of school, I struggled with my self-image. I fell into a depression, and my grades suffered. I ended up getting accepted to Regis College on a full scholarship, and failed out when I became suicidal, and they wouldn’t let me back on campus, due to additional discrimination. I had to drop out, and find a job.

Several Years later I am more empathic and sympathetic to others than most people and can put...

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