What I Do When I Write

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what i do when i write



What I do when I write depends entirely on what I'm writing, who I'm writing for, and how soon it needs to be done. I have somewhat of a different approach to writing when the piece is for an assignment versus a work of original fiction. I prepare, pre-write, and proofread differently. However, some things remain the same. I still try to get the same amount of feedback from my peers, still put forth the same effort. Whether the work is for pleasure or for a grade, I still follow relatively the same process.

Oftentimes, I write outside of school. Frequently, those writings are in the form of poetry, fiction, or an online journal. My poems are expressions of emotions or personal thoughts that I usually have no other outlet for. I write both original fiction and fan fiction, a genre in which stories are written using existing characters from television, movies, or books.


My journal is a means of communication with family and friends that I don't see very often. Here, I often recount funny stories from the day, conversations between friends, or events in school. I'll talk about homework, music, books, and marching band. These things may not always concern the readers, but many of them are glad to know what is going on in my life. In addition to that, I write letters and e-mails to friends and family members.


When I pre-write, I like to try to get ideas from other people by talking about the subject matter, plot, and characters. For longer pieces, I often take notes and make a rough outline. If the subject is something I am unfamiliar with, I will do some basic research through books or the Internet. Other times, I will write an individual scene or part of a dialogue for a piece of fiction. In addition to writing, I occasionally make a few illustrations for the story, poem, or essay. These illustrations help me get a better understanding of who the characters are, what they look like, and what the setting is like.


The atmosphere that...

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