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What I Have Learned In Chemistry, Grade 10

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From the unit of chemistry in grade ten science, the students have learned many things from different types of elements in the chart all the way to how each element impacts the daily life each student or even adult lives in. Some of the things I as a student have learned include how to draw the different elements in a bohr rutherford diagram, balancing chemical equations, types of chemical reactions, and even information about the different types of acids and bases. Although there were many other things in the unit, these four definately helped me learn about chemistry in a more in-depth way, as well as teaching me something very new since these were some things a few of the students had never done in the previous years. Learning this in the classroom has really opened my eyes to the world in which we live in today, many times I leave the house on a cold day and as I look upon the cold water becoming ice or even the snow falling down, I know how it is happening, why it is happening, and I can even picture the molecules solidifying as we had seen in class with many different diagrams.

To start off, learning the Bohr-Rutherford diagrams in grade nine was a very big confusion for me. I had never fully understood how many shells should go around the nucleus nor did I know how to do the many calculations. As I progressed into grade ten, the teachings became easier. The review shows an example such as in the the bohr diagram, a nucleus is in the center, which is a little circle, and following that there are shells surrounding it containing electrons. Each ring can only hold a certain amount of electrons, and so the first shell around the nucleus can hold a maximum of 2 electrons, the next shell is able to hold a maximum of 8 electrons, and the last ring is able to hold a maximum of 18 electrons.[Reference attached sheet] Learning how to properly draw a Bohr diagram has really helped me appreciate the concept, and has really helped me understand more of the biological world and how it works. Next, Balancing chemical equations was quite an adventurous strand, there were many puzzling and challenging rules that the students had to follow but in the end, through a very large about of practice, balancing the chemical equations became very easy and surprisingly fun to do, as it was sort of a quick daily puzzle which helped improve our knowledge of chemistry and chemical equations. Besides balancing the equations for amusement, it was also meant for serious lab reports in which the balancing was a very important feature because if the equation was wrong, the chemicals being mixed could come out wrong or even harmful. If the equation was balanced correctly, the final piece would finish according to the teachers standards. This strand has helped me understand how different types of chemicals are made in the industry for medicine or selling products. It has also helped me understand how important it is and how the balancing of chemical equations plays a...

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