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What I Learned From Comp Ii: A Reflection

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When I scheduled my classes last winter, I knew I had to fulfill my requirements for general education and take English Composition II. I had heard from my oldest daughter that Comp II was no fun at all and when she took it, she was bored to tears. Not knowing any better, I took her word and prepared myself for a rather boring and uneventful semester of “robot writing”. The kind of writing that was dull and made one’s eyes cross from boredom. I soon found out that this didn’t have to be the case. Academic writing and research could be enjoyable and it was not at all boring.
According to Dr. Bean’s class syllabus, the primary goal for this course is to, “help you develop the ...view middle of the document...

This bonding helped create strong community ties and was socially significant.
The second concept I learned this semester in Comp II was the idea of discourse communities. The handout called, Genre Analysis: English in Academic and Research Settings, written by John Swales became my discourse community guide. According to Swales, there are six criteria needed to be met in order for a group to be considered a discourse community. In my essay about pharmacy technicians, I incorporated almost all of these requirements to show evidence that my chosen group was indeed a discourse community. My favorite use of examples to prove this was showing that pharmacy technicians used specialized lexis. An example of this would be, “..i po bid prn pain”. This medication order reads, in normal language, one tablet, by mouth, twice daily, as needed for pain. By pointing out evidence such as this, I was able to prove my claim.
The third concept that I embraced was the use of subheads. We were required to use them in the third essay based on research about specific academic discourse communities. I had never used them before, thus I felt this was a challenge. At first I rejected them and didn’t want to use them at all. Needless to say, I struggled with my essay and I reached out for help from my professor. Dr. Bean suggested that I use the subheads as an outline for my essay. I redirected

Lynette Zorzi-3
my approach, embraced the use of subheads as an outline, and the rest of the essay flowed easily. For example, I used the subheading, Purpose of Membership and the Importance of Earning a Higher Degree and it truly helped me streamline my research material and assisted me...

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