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What I Learned In Boating School Is…

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During this semester of English 1302, I feel as if this was way more interesting than 1301. In fact, I did learn a lot of new things about gender and how it takes its role in society. I never understood why it would actually matter, but it really does matter.
The first assignment I remember having to do dealt with toys and gender. After I saw the video, I thought it over and came into realization that toy commercials really attack the specific audience it is trying to get. Growing up, I don’t recall hearing a male narrate a commercial for a girl’s toy commercial. I guess you can say as I wrote my response I had this little spark of an “aha!” moment as I typed away, keeping the quote in ...view middle of the document...

For one example, when we read about gender and how it affects the way we write, I didn’t realize how true females write. I tend to write to satisfy what my teacher would want on the paper, rather than writing for myself as males tend to do.
I learned a lot about myself as I read, wrote, and did research on the topic. I saw it around me as I went on my daily life and how I saw things were different thanks to this class. I saw how guys could be really sensitive about their body, just as girls can be. I also learned the obvious difference between gender and sex. Sex is what you’re born with, and gender is how society classifies you. Such as a man dressed as a woman. The way society would see it is the way he would be classified as a woman, but underneath it all, she is a male.
What I would like to learn is, does gender affect with what we do in our daily lives? Thinking about it now, I should’ve done that topic for our individual project instead of doing “does gender affect the way a musician performs?” I am not going...

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