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What I Learned In Public Speaking

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What I Learned In Public Speaking Com-231
Making a successful public presentation or speech to an audience was a very big task for me before I joined the public speaking class. I was always frightened and very nervous. Since then I now understand the process of making a speech or a presentation including coming up with a topic and from this topic develop the main points of the speech, research, organize my points, revise them, edit and make a magnificent presentation to any audience. People in the audience might sometimes agree or disagree with my opinion or points, it was therefore necessary to communicate my information clearly to the audience without making any judgments since every ...view middle of the document...

This helped me in learning and developing critical thinking skills as well as research capabilities which were very vital not only to my public speaking but also on my entire life.
During presentation and practices many questions and objections were raised by the audience which at times put me under stress but through this class I learned how to maintain my poise, coolness and judgment an aspect that has helped me gain self confidence enhancing my personality and how I relate with other people. Lucas (2011) argues that different audiences require different forms of presentation. Therefore, I also had to create the best presentation for my speeches and participating in group presentations with my classmates and this played a great role in improving my presentation skills. For the case of persuasive speeches it was paramount to convince the audience on the information I was expressing. I learned how to convince people and communicate effectively via eye contact and body movement techniques as well as building my persuasion power.
The class aided my verbal and non-verbal skills. The hands-on practices and the professional feedback from the teachers and group members were vital. This made me an overall better communicator helping in interactions with other people and building confidence. In writing and presenting speeches, I had to organize my topic, points and notes and also time. This helped improve my organization skills.
I acquainted myself with ethical issues concerning the process of public speaking. This included my moral values and personal principles as a speaker. During speech presentation it was always good to avoid presenting another person’s work, ideas or even language without appropriately citing these sources (Lucas, 2011). I was also enlightened on utilizing...

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