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What I Learned This Year Essay

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Macaleigh Hendricks
The most significant event in World War 2 was the Holocaust. During the 6 years that the Holocaust took place, over 6 million Jews, homosexuals, and mentally impaired people were brutally murdered in work camps. People were evacuated from their homes in France and Poland, and brought to concentration camps, where they were worked to their literal deaths. Once they arrived at the camp, these people were stripped of not only their clothes, valuables, and family, but their humanity. Any rights that they previously had as humans were revoked the second they stepped into the camp.The people that were unable to work, (mothers, children, mentally impaired) were sent to the ...view middle of the document...

The space race took place from the mid to late 50’s to the early 70’s. The Soviet Union and the USA were vying to achieve space firsts. For example, who could be the first to launch a spaceship into space, and who could fly the first person into space. This was a time of prodigious determination and inspiration. In October Sky, Sonny Hickam and his friends are inspired to make rockets and participate in the space race. The space race demonstrates that if you work hard for something and believe in yourself, you can do it. As Henry Ford said, “If you think you can, or if you think you cannot, you are right”. Launching rockets into space was once merely an idea. Whoever first came up with the idea was probably told that it would be nearly impossible, and that they were insane. Nowadays, there have been countless rocket launches, all because one person had an idea, and went with it. Just one person sharing their ideas ended up changing the world tremendously for the better.
After World War II, a new conflict was brought to the attention of the public. Black people began to realize that they were being mistreated. In order to regain the rights that were entitled to them by the constitution, they began to peacefully protest by using a variety of different non-violent methods that could be used to persuade the government to desegregate, such as having lunch counter sit-ins. Eventually, these methods had an effect and integration began, meaning that there would no longer be separate schools for blacks and whites. The first 9 high school students to ever integrate were to attend Central High in Little Rock, AK. The governor of Arkansas did everything in his power to prevent the Little Rock Nine from attending Central High School. For years, all of Arkansas’ schools were shut down so that the eight couldn't go to school. (One of the nine had graduated...

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