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Every class I am given the usual pre and post questions about the course. Often I just think these questions are annoying. I usually give a very effortless answer and never think too deeply about what I might have actually learned. By the end of the course and in this situation now, summer is close and all I am worried about is going out and having a good time. I am actually glad for once that I have and can be able to say that I did think about what I learned in this class. It made me not only realize what I learned because I thought about it. It implanted and cemented into my mind what I actually thought was important about this course.

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I picked up a lot of teacher strategies in your class compared to my actually education courses. I think you are an interesting teacher and you allow that to shine through in your teaching. I really hope that one day a student might be able to say that about me when I begin my teaching career. The most important thing I think that I have learned from watching your teaching style, is when and when not to intervene. I am a very structured person and I feel that by watching your class and attending your class I was able to see a different side of teaching. Most of my teachers in high school would interpret the book by themselves and the children would not join the conversation at all. It has made me rethink my major and change it to just majoring in English and specify my age group later on when I go for my masters degree.

There is more that I have learned from this class other than your teaching style. I really enjoy the secret messages that are hidden inside of every story. Since I was a kid I have enjoyed reading books for their story. I enjoy being captivated by another world and being inside of the characters minds. When I started analyzing books I started to realize all of their hidden messages that were behind the stories. I knew I wanted to get better at analyzing these books so that I could understand myself what is going on in these stories. Every story that we have read I have taken a greater meaning out of it. It has really changed my perspective on a lot of things.

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