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What I've Learned Essay

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    Everyone have their flaws when it comes to school, some may do best in English, and some may not, but in my case i can be classified as the worst student in English. Throughout the course of this semester i strongly believed that my writing skills have grown. English has never been my very best friend; i always considered it more of an enemy. In the begin of the semester I had difficulties keeping up with the pace and challenges that were thrown at me, but I never stopped trying because I always had a strong mindset and that’s what kept me in this class until now. I can say that as time went by, I enjoyed being in the class no matter how competitive the course were. I faced different ...view middle of the document...

I always thought it was very hard comprehending with these steps until now. What helped me the most in class was my text book, without it i would have been lost. During the first week of class, whenever the professor would speak my ears would shut out, and my eyes would just draw a long blank. Although, i realized that in order to pass this class i had to be a little more attentive, from that day on i started understanding her and the concept it took to form an essay.
    Critical thinking, integrating outside words and ideas were also something important i learned in my English class. Critical thinking requires the writer to input his own thoughts, ideas in an essay and analyze important issues. The writer should be able to summarize and develop his own ideas, which will helps him structure a better essay. In addition the writer can incorporate words and ideas of others but only by paraphrasing, quoting and summarizing the outside work pg. (64-65). Moreover, it is always important for the writer to include his work citation. Otherwise his work will be known as plagiarism. It is indeed necessary to avoid plagiarism because it counted as stealing. I mostly learned that a professor will grade...

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