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What I Will Do To Be Successful In This Class

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The first step to being successful, no matter what you’re trying to succeed, is to recognize your weak points, your strengths, and your limits. I myself know that I have several, and when I say several, I mean several, weak points when it comes to writing papers. The first and most lethal to a student who wishes to be well, is procrastination. I will always put writing a paper off till the last minute. In fact, I’m doing it right now as I’m writing this. I’m already doing what I say I’m not supposed to be doing. You can probably tell that I’m off to a great start. The next on the list of things that will brutally murder a student who wishes to do well in a class are distractions. Of course ...view middle of the document...

I am going to find ways to put myself and my way of humor/way of seeing things into my paper. This is because, and I will admit, I get a kick out of putting my dry humor and sarcasm into papers, because a lot of times, its hard to tell that its even there. I didn’t really do that in this paper, so you can relax, but in future essays, you had better watch out.
You might also want to watch out for a particular mood or feeling in my writings as well. This is because I listen to music whenever I have to write, because I am normally very easily distracted by noises (and shiny objects). The former of these things I overcome by blasting music into my head, because it eliminates all of the external stimuli that can derail my entire writing process. This may sound kind-of contradictory, because I’m being distracted by noise so I put on more noise. The difference is though, that music is more of a background noise to me, while conversation always grabs my attention.
Something else that grabs my attention is video; if I ever listen to music if has to be from iTunes and absolutely not from YouTube. If I know that there is something visual that goes along with what I’m hearing, then I am just pulled into watching the video. This is extremely bad for when you’re trying to write a paper, especially if you’re like me and you have to look at what you’re typing as you go along.
Something that I can also do to help my writing is to always read what I wrote out loud. When I say out loud, I mean out loud! This will help me catch some of the grammatical errors that anyone can easily make, and I can also make sure that what I am writing makes sense. Something else that can help me proof read one of my own papers is to just get up and walk away from it for a while, or even a day or two. This is because when what you’re writing is fresh on your mind, then you automatically connect what you’re reading to what you intend it to mean. So, that pretty much means that your mind is going to cover up all of the boo-boos in your paper by simply ignoring them and saying, “I know what I’m trying to say there, so that’s all good and dandy.” If you just let your paper sit for a few days...

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