What I Would Want In My Box

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If I were to have a box of items significant in my life it would be filled with many unusual, eccentric things. I would fill it with deplorable memories. I would additionally fill it with schoolbooks and certain apparel, hair dye, piercings, etc.
Everyone has recollections that they wish to cherish and recollect for the rest of their days. Most people, however, wish to forget about their lamentable recollections. I on the other hand do not want to forget. I honestly want to remember everything. My reason being that I am who I am because of these situations.
For example, I was abused for twelve years of my life. I have flashbacks of being hit in the face and head with a Mountain Dew bottle. I ...view middle of the document...

Without my education, I would be nothing. I would be another student, getting sent out of class, because I have nothing to live for and accomplish.
I have an incredible fear of failing. I have always been told that I wouldn’t prosper or do anything with my life, so I feel that education is an escape from all of those negative comments and feelings and fears.
The last thing I want in my box is anything that lets me express myself. It can be apparel, shoes, body jewelry, hairdye, anything that describes who I am.
I have always been told who I can and cannot be. If you were to look at me now, you wouldn’t believe that I had brown, frizzy hair and loose manly clothing. I had no earrings or makeup. I couldn’t heedfully listen to any other music except country music.
I was miserable.
But, as time went by, changes commenced, and well I transmuted. I changed a lot. I dyed my hair crazy colors, I got my ears pierced ten times. I was happily listening to different music. I felt a remote taste of freedom.
I am a firm believer in expressing yourself. And I believe that you should do so however you like! I opted to wear all black, with different colored hair and piercings.
Without doing all of this, I would still be me, but I would only be a diminutive version of me.
I have always wanted to be a free...

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