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What If It Was You: The Ethics Of Organ Sales

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Allie Lowery
Mrs. Eimiller
English 12
22 March 2014
What If It Was You
There are many different opinions regarding selling of organs. Although some people believe selling of the organs should be allowed a lot of people don’t think it is a good idea. I think it is a good idea and will help save people's live. The selling of organs should be allowed in order to save people who will die without a organ transplant.
People think it is a good idea because people are in the need for organs and are waiting on a list for a match and are hoping not to die while waiting for one, how would one feel if friends or a loved one we’re waiting for an organ. There are so many people who are waiting, every day “17 American’s die while waiting for a kidney” (Jefferson, Cord) if people were able to sell their organs less people would die and we would save a lot more lives. If the transplant is done right the donor will not suffer. Why not save a life if you can? If more people can sell then there will be more lives saved. It is a generous way to save people’s lives. “Research shows it would save lives. In the United States, where the 1984 National Organ Act prohibits compensation for organ donating, there are only about 20,000 kidneys every year for the approximately 80,000 patients on the waiting list. In 2008, nearly 5,000 died waiting,” (Gregory, Anthony). This shows how if more people were donating how many more lives could be saved it’s never too late to save somebody’s life and it is easy and fast. The best benefit of selling your organs should be knowing you are going to save a person’s life.
There are also opinions on how the selling of organs is bad, such as “It is Ethically offensive to look at organs and body parts the same way as we look at fenders from automobiles in the junkyard.” (Saberi) I think it is different from selling things in the junkyard because it is going to good use to...

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