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What If The Government Shut Down?

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I heard the alarm blaring from the corner of my room. I buried my head under the pillows and tuned out the beeping. “Just five more minutes”, I told myself. Unfortunately, it wasn’t even two minutes before my brother stomped into my room yelling at me to get out of bed: “Hurry UP, Suhani. You ALWAYS make us late. Next time, we’ll just leave you here.” My brother was the abnormal child who actually enjoyed school on Monday mornings. Reluctantly, I dragged myself out from under the covers and shut myself in the bathroom. It took me a solid thirty minutes to make myself look presentable. I glanced at the clock, realized there were only twenty minutes till school started, and sped down the stairs into the car. We arrived at school five minutes late. I stumbled out of the car and raced inside. I realized that Mr. Wolfe would send me back down to get a tardy slip, so I thought I’d just go ahead and get one from Ms. Cantwell. I peeked into her office, but was surprised when no one was at the desk; I decided to come back down later. I went straight to Chemistry class. “Sorry Mr. Wolfe I–”, I cut my sentence short when I realized Mr. Wolfe was not in the room. The rest of my classmates were all muttering amongst themselves. I sat down at the table with Sydney, William, Mark, and Trevor. “Hey guys, where’s Mr. Wolfe?”, I asked. Trevor responded with a smirk on his face, “You didn’t hear? The faculty are all fighting like cats and dogs again. It’s like the Democrats versus the Republicans; they just won’t stop.” This was not the first time our teachers had been in an argument with each other. Actually, it happens quite frequently. Last time they squabbled about what paper to put in the copier. Ms. Nelson argued that using regular printing paper is harming the environment, Dr. Williams advocated for green sheets, and Ms. Evans argued for no paper at all. They’ve raved about what colors to paint the walls, who gets to make the first Morning Meeting announcement, and what venders we should have every week (that was a serious dilemma). But, no one knew what they were quarreling about this time. Three periods passed, and there were still no teachers visible in the upper school. The students...

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