What Should The Primary Objectives Of 'development' Be?

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Developing countries around the world are all different and each will require a unique plan of policies to assist the state implement political and economic reforms. In order for the developing states to implement such systems they need to establish a Commonwealth, provide higher education and training, talent retention and sustainable energy. These objectives will help make the nation presentable to nations will to help build and support developing nations.
The European Union has implemented a preferential trade agreement to assist developing countries become economically competitive with other nations in the world. In order for a developing country to reap the economic benefits of the trade agreement the state must establish a democracy, human rights and show good governance (Baccini, 2010). These three preliminary objectives should be a set of primary objectives of every developing nation wanting to implement political and gain economic success working among democratic nations.
The establishment of these three objectives not only will allow the developing nations to obtain a trade agreement, but it attracts investment and multinational corporations from established western nations (Baccini, 2010). Being able to gain western attraction allows the developing nation to access the knowledge, markets, and networks of the foreign companies. Once the investing nations see benefit in the newly developed nation more financial support and political assistance will be more available to the state (Baccini, 2010). This leads to the objective, starting a Commonwealth.
As a combined objective the developing nations should form a Commonwealth with host nations and other developing nations. Much like the European Union and the Commonwealth of Nations from the older British Commonwealth, this will provide a network for the developing nations to establish trade with neighboring states that are in the same situation and by working with each other they will help each other. Promoting democracy, human rights, good governance and world peace, just to name a few things will help the nations promote themselves when looking for trade agreement with western democratic nations which will bring in foreign capital.
Secondly higher education and training is a factor that cannot be overlooked when developing a country. A countries education levels either help develop or hinder the nation’s government and economy. If a nation has no internal knowledge it sets off a chain reaction. Uneducated citizens cannot provide innovation, thus leading to no major export to contribute to the nations GDP or attract foreign capital (Baccini, 2010). It is in best interest of the state to devise a policy that allows the citizens to study overseas in western nations and bring home the knowledge until the nation has the ability to provide an academically sound education within the nation. Perhaps the developing nations should form a common wealth alliance Finland and Denmark both of which...


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