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What If We Still Lived In The World Of Cities Rather Than Nation States?

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In The Hunger Games series written by Suzanne Colins, there are twelve districts each of which has its own specialty. The twelfth district is famous for mining thus most of the men work as miners in that district. The third, whose region consists of large area of forest, specializes in wood. The story argued that if we still lived in form of cities or districts, a city will specialize itself in one production. There will be many problems that occur. People hardly live above poverty line and growth of economy is slow. Will we live in the world of Hunger Games if we still lived in Cities rather than Nation-states?
Charles Tilly stated that for a city to be successful, there needs to be a ...view middle of the document...

Eventually, the city will come back to its nature to specialize in one thing and focus the labors to work on that field.
Living in small scale governance of cities will create complexity of law enforcement. It is hard to impose the law with or without coercion as it needs finance to create strong law system and military. Charles Tilly supported the argument in the idea that capital becomes more important than men in the ability to provide different kind of protection and wars (Entanglements of European Cities and States, pp. 11). The city will have to depend on the capital owners in the area to do so. For example, in an agricultural community, the city has to depend on the land lords to provide safety. In case of Kathmandu, the rich has to employ their own security guards as the country has no functioning government providing police at the moment. This dependency to capital owners thus may create different law and dominance in each city. Trade depends on reputation as no third party will guarantee that the other side will not break their promises in...

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