What Impact Does Lack Of Sleep Have On Our Physical Emotional And Mental Health?

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Gnezdilova 2Gnezdilova 1Sofya GnezdilovaNick PawliukEnglish 1100-1225 November 2013What Impact does Lack of Sleep have on our Physical Emotional and Mental Health?A majority of young people does not get enough sleep nowadays, and many of them suffer from its consequences. In many cases, students have a heavy workload and a busy schedule during the academic year; they have to deal with lots of studies, making assignments, creating projects and learning new concepts that take a lot of time. Throughout scientific studies based on sleep disorders, it was proved that sleep vastly affects human mental thinking processes and academic achievements as well. Why does sleep matter? How does it influence our ordinary lives, daytime performances and health in general? What causes insufficient sleep? These questions are the main controversial issues that a lot of scientists are still concerned about. Although some people believe that sleep might not be that important, it is one of the basic needs of human wellbeing that is significant for physical and emotional health.Despite the fact that it is rather challenging to follow an organized timetable, sleep is essential for adolescents. A majority of students spend whole nights studying, relaying on coffee all the time, and not realizing the fact that it negatively affects their mental processes and focusing abilities. According to the academic research of Dewald-Kaufmann, "Sleep problems are prevalent in adolescents and can severely impair their daytime functioning"(171). This research study investigated the environmental and biological factors affecting the quality of sleep that leads to chronically poor sleep. Moreover, it was determined that reduction of sleep negatively influences cognitive performance, school performance, focusing and concentrating abilities, and academic achievements in general. By comparing chronic sleep reduction and chronic sleep duration among adolescents, it was estimated that both long sleepers and short sleepers suffer from mental-health problems. Ferrara and De Gennaro addressed a hypothesis that there is no "optimal" amount of sleep that is required for everyone. Individual differences in sleep need play a significant role in sleep efficiency (qtd. in Dewald-Kraufmann and et al. 172). Although decreased day performance is one of the outcomes of poor sleep, Shih-Yu Lee's research study estimated that college students experience significant amounts of stress and health problems associated with lack of sleep. This experimental study examined the female college student's sleep features and their impacts on physical and emotional health. The purpose of this study was to determine mental health outcomes and the amount of stress related to the reduced sleep. According to the results of questionnaires, participants slept less then six hours during weekdays and suffered from high levels of stress and sleepiness during the day. Therefore, approximately 70% of students were considered to be...

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