What Impact Does The Denial Of Socialization And Enculturation Have If The Development Of The Individual?

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The denial of ones adaptation to the moral standards, and behavior patterns of both their community and civilization (socialization) and ones teaching of these norms (enculturation) has a dramatic impact on the individual’s life.To deny someone of such experience would conflict with the basic human rights; which all are entitled to. Article 5 of the human rights clearly state “No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.”The isolation of a human has shown massive links with lack of normal physical development. In various isolation case studies, a fair amount showed signs of Psychosocial Dwarfism. Some scientists also believe isolation can affect cognitive development: The growth of a person's ability to learn (The American Heritage® New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, Third Edition). It is inevitable that the isolation of a human has high links between poor communication and social skills and weak dietary habits, which have become a norm consequently almost unbreakable.Psychosocial dwarfism is a growth disorder, which is often linked to highly abused, isolated or neglected children between ages two and sixteen.The growth hormone (GH) slowly decreases and continues to decrease if the child is left in such deprived conditions. Due to the lack of this hormone, a person suffering from Psychosocial dwarfism is often the inappropriate height and weight for their age. (Karen Munoz).Money and Annecillo reported the impact of change in placement on children with psychosocial dwarfism (failure to thrive). In this preliminary study, 12 of 16 children removed from neglectful homes recorded remarkable increases in IQ and other aspects of emotional and behavioural functioning. (Childhood Experience and the Expression of Genetic Potential, Dr Bruce Perry.)Susan Wiley, a young Californian girl who was subjected to inhuman abuse, torture and isolation, was one case study that had shown Psychosocial dwarfism as one of the many side effects to her cruel treatment.Susan’s parents were informed that she could possibly be retarded at fourteen months of age; this is when the abuse started. There are many ideas behind her father’s reasoning to the abuse, maybe it was due to his jealous, rash behaviour and hate of the attention Susan was given, or the fact he could not deal with the prognosis. (Michael Newton pp 211) Susan’s father, Clark (the abuser) was believed to be mentally unstable due to the recent loss of his mother in unfortunate circumstances and her mother, Irene (claimed to be another victim of her husbands harsh abuse) was partly blind. Susan was allegedly strapped to a potty-chair and confined in a dark room, from both, her own family and the outside world, at night she would be restrained in a sleeping bag and put into a metal crib like ‘bed’ which had a lid.At age thirteen, Susan was rescued from her abusive environment, at this stage, she was thought to be of...

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