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What In The World's Environment Is Going On?

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Today’s mainstream media has a deep influence on numerous aspects of economical and social life, it provides information and data almost on everything that happens on our planet. Mainstream media became one of the most important and influential instruments in our society, as the news stories reach a large numbers of people in a short time. Different people are using mainstream media as a first source of information; humans need the information, which is why there is a great deal of trust on media. We follow the news because it is our duty as citizens to be informed; it gives us the facts that help us make the right decisions and also gives us something to talk about. The media has a great public responsibility in front of their audience; therefore, they are expected to provide information that is accurate, reliable and free from bias. It is essential that the public is truly informed about the controversial topics on environmental issues, like DDT and GMOs. Media informs the public with regard to science and technology, which further impacts policy making within the society. The drawback with today’s mainstream media is that it tends to provide information that is far from what is happening in the real world. Current news media misrepresent some news report in order to gain attention and they omit the most important news from television, newspapers or radio that the public deserves to know. The articles “Environmentalism for the 21st Century” by Dr. Patrick Moore, “Rachel Carson’s Environmental Genocide” by Lisa Makson, “Lawrence Solomon: For global warming believers, 2013 was the year from Hell” by Lawrance Solomon and “Global warming at work: how climate change affects the economy and labour” by Raveena Aulakh will be discussed in the following essay. The above-mentioned articles provide important viewpoints on environmental concerns that the public deserves to know.
In the article “Environmentalism for the 21st Century”, Dr. Patrick Moore known as one of the early members of Greenpeace, discusses several surprising facts about the world’s biggest environmental organization – Greenpeace. He has openly criticized Greenpeace feeling that their visions had become too dangerous on the issues such as pesticides, the proper disposal of oilrigs and genetically modified foods (GMOs). One major problem Dr. Moore has been fighting for and discussed in this article is related to GMOs. He discusses and shows us the radical environmental activism that Greenpeace holds against the GMOs and emphases how we as mankind can benefit from GMOs while remaining environmentally safe.
First of all, Dr. Moore criticizes the scare tactics that are used against biotechnology and GMOs. He argues that there is no scientific evidence that GMOs has a negative impact on human health or ecosystems. One of the points that he disputes is that GMOs cause genes to be transferred from food to bodies. He states: “There is no logical reason why genes from genetically modified...

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