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What Influences Did Rome Have On Modern Society? This Essay Explains How They Were Living In A Primitive Era And Managed To Overcome It All Through Technological Advances.

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The technological advances made by the Romans during their era of empire were astounding.Consider the fact that their empire existed in the time before the birth of Christ, thousands of years ago.Yet, the advances and discoveries that they made in the fields of science and engineering are still usedtoday. Ideas that they came up with back then were for a long time considered to be theories. However,we now accept them as facts today. Their thought process was on par with ours today.. They are acivilization that has truly stood the test of time. What makes their achievements even more remarkable isthe fact that after their civilization declined, roughly 476 A.D., until the Renaissance, things actuallyappeared to get worse. The European civilizations of the time did not improve upon or even use Romandiscoveries and instead took backwards steps. In fact, Roman technological advances in the areas ofirrigation, transportation, and city-planning were far superior to anything seen before their time and werenot seen again until the Industrial Revolution and Renaissance.There is no denying that Rome was a very large and powerful empire. So large in fact, whilethere was enough water for everyone , there was no way of Distributing it to the many occupants of thisvast land. Although most of Rome's water came from large lakes and rivers , they were rarely locatednear major cities. As a result, it would be impractical for this water to be manually transported. Romanengineers were faced with a dilemma: how to get the water to the cities more efficiently. Their solutionwas the aqueducts. However, contrary to popular public opinion, the Romans did not invent theaqueducts. Aqueducts were used in ancient Egypt, Persia, and India , and although extremely wellengineered , their designs were somewhat flawed. What Rome did was revise their plans and improveupon the existing design thus giving the impression that these visions were originally Rome's.Most aqueducts were built through hillsides, allowing the water to flow from the hill to the plainbelow. This eliminated the tedious and painstaking task of having actual human beings carry the waterdown the hill. Most of the aqueducts were built to serve major cities and were able to carry water asmuch as fifty-seven miles. Once the aqueducts reached the city, the water that flowed through them wasfanned out into a series of distribution tanks, which carried it through the city. These distribution tanksalso had shut off valves in case it became unnecessary or impractical to ship water there. For example,during a shortage the water supply for the baths was cut off and excess water was not stored, but insteadflushed out through the sewers. This eliminated many putrid odors from the cities, but little did theyknow it would return during the Middle Ages.Initially, the water traveled through wooden pipes. However, as time wore on, metal replacedwood as the material of choice. In about 200 A.D., Roman architects developed a...

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