What Insights Have You Gained About Change From "Saving Francasca" Using Reference Also To Robert Grey's "North Coast Town"

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Title: Saving FrancescaDate: 2003Author: Melina MarchettaPublisher: Penguin Books AustraliaThe novel "Saving Francesca" by Melina Marchetta takes place over the middle two terms of the year Francesca Spinelli is in Year 11. She is at a new school, St Sebastian's, a boys school that has just started accepting girls. As well as this her mother becomes seriously depressed and her family begins to fall apart. Identity, friendship and family are the novel's focus themes and through the development of these themes concepts about change can be identified. The change that occurs in the novel Saving Francesca can be divided into two clear sections. The first, most obvious, change is the physical ...view middle of the document...

For example Francesca states that 'My dad rings one morning and tells me to contact Mia's university and ask for the rest of the term off' illustrating how her father is forcing Francesca to become the 'adult.' From this incident she realises that her father is flawed and weak. However, without her mother being the dominant figure of the marriage Francesca can also see that 'Mia might be responsible for daily discipline, but if she wants to scare us it's my dad who's in charge.' Change has allowed her to see the flaws in her father, however at the same time it has led to a further understanding of her father's character without the influence of her mother. In the last chapter of the book she describes her father as a 'beautifully simple man who knew exactly what he wanted in life.' Change can also identify the true character of ourselves as it puts individuals in new situations. Francesca considers herself to be invisible and ineffectual- 'I'm a noun. A nothing. A nobody.' However when she is separated from her friends and her mother vanishes into depression, Francesca is forced to re- evaluate who she is. She takes on greater responsibilities and builds a greater image of herself by the end of her emotional journey. This is illustrated by her saying 'I think it's about time I saved myself.' The technique of flashbacks is used to emphasize Francesca's shifting understanding of herself and her family and friendships. For example when Francesca decides 'I want to go for Lady MacBeth' in the school play she is immediately drawn into a memory about her 6th grade musical try out. These memories occur at moments of powerful revelation, for example, in the above situation Francesca had finally decided to let go her inhibitions, part of process of revealing her true nature. It is these memories that are a reflection of the change of her mental and emotional state, illustrating the concept that change reveals the true character of people.This novel also highlights the importance of change for the appreciation of the old. When Francesca is introduced to the reader her opinion of her mother is that she is bossy, over- bearing and controlling. She "thinks she knows who I am because she thinks who I am is who she tells me.' However then her mum becomes seriously depressed due to a miscarriage. Francesca's describes the changes as 'this morning there is no song... no motivational messages stuck on my mirror urging me to do something that scares me every day. There's just silence.' It is only when her mother is not being over- bearing and controlling that she realizes the full role of her mother and how much she depends on her. This can be illustrated towards the end of book when she states 'I want her (Mia) to say, "Frankie, you're silly, you're lazy, you're talented, you're passionate, you're restrained, you're blossoming, you're contrary." I want to be an adjective again.' This statement shows the complete change of opinion from her original view, which...

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