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What Sex Does To Us Essay

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What Sex Does to Us
Sexuality is something that we cannot avoid yet we seldom talk about it from a healthy and biological standpoint. Even though billions of people are taking part in this practice, its science is rarely fully understood. To walk through this topic first we must define what sex is and why we engage in it. This paper will also discuss what exactly is happening to our mind and body during sexual experiences. It’s also important to bring up the implications of how it can affect others in its misuse. The beauty of the sexual experience is something worth discovering.
A question that may seem at first to be easily answered, may actually be deeper than first anticipated. The question of why do we have sex. At a first glance we might simply answer, because it feels good. However, there are many other deeper emotionally driving forces at work. In The Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality there was information gathered about a plethora of heterosexual couples and their personal experiences revolving around sex. Some of the finding proved that the motivating factors for both males and females were generally the same but the level of importance were sometimes quite different depending on the category. Some examples of motivating factors were boredom, pleasure seeking, testing partner’s identity as a long term partner, solidify relationship, and seeking to please partner. The testing showed that men seemed more focused on pleasing their partner and women tended to be more focused on the partner’s actions and the partner’s identity revealed through the sexual experience. Sexual intercourse can show much about a person’s motives, identity, and character. This data lead to the theory that women are more likely to be more focused on learning about the partner for long term during sex, rather than men focusing on how the woman responded and focusing on the actual event. It is true that many woman are looking for a partner to raise a child and with this important implication comes many conditions that may run through their minds after or even during intercourse. Men also have pressing needs that are fulfilled through the partner but they do not usually have another life that needs taking care of, so the intensity of the internal thoughts may be less (Birnbaum G. E., 2002).
Rathus goes into the psychological aspects of sex and how the mind and brain play huge roles in sexual experiences. Sexual memories as well as fantasies can stimulate the sexual organs into working mode. There are specific parts of the brain that are being used during sexual activities or when we are having sexual thoughts. There are a number of things that can trigger us into sexual stimulation. Since the cortex is involved, the psychological makeup of the individual can attribute to the sexual energy a person can experience (Rathus, Nevid, & Rathus, 2014). Dopamine also helps in sexual energy since it is linked to our reward center, meaning that not only does it trigger...

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