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What Is A Civilization? Essay

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What is a civilization? This is a big question that some experts still debate it to find the best definition, especially between archeologists who have a definition of civilization for earlier civilization and anthropologist whose definition concern about recent civilization. However, both early and late civilization has many evidences that proof many steps of process in formating a civilization. Surprisedly, some research has found the remarkable evolving process from earlier civilization to the more modern one. Understanding the formationprocess of the civilization is believed can help us to define what a civilization is. Generally, forming a civilization takes a long-complex process and has some certain components as support.
Homo sapiens is a human-liked species, existed on the earth by 10,000 B.C.E, known as “Ice Age” era. They lived in some groups primitively by hunting animal and gathering the plants as their food resources. According to the name of the era, the Earth was covered by ice, and it’s understood that hunting the animals was hard to do because they were dormant in the winter where the temperatures about 30oF (-1oC) and active only in the summer which was about 60oF (16oC) (Smith, 2004), so do plant. These two reasons-lack of foods and bad season urged this initial humans to move to another place that can support their live. Beside that, sometimes they got inter-group clash that made some of them should roam to get a new land to settle temporary. So, that’s why this unorganized human groups called as nomad. However, even primitive, they had a basic skill to paint, usually in a cave wall, because they often live in a cave. Researchers are trying to understand what these paints for, but some of them argue that these paints was likelihood used as a communication tool to tell to other people what kind of animal that they can hunt and the location to find it. This hypothesis based on the fact that the paints draw varied animals.
Around 9000 B.C.E, the early stage of civilization formation was indicated by semi-nomadic society. Having nomadic soul, however, the semi-nomadic tried to reconstruction the earlier civilization and develop it greater than the old one in the cultural and geography component (Butler, 2012). The nomads tried to organize their life simply. This organization is the pioneer of civilization. The males hunt for wild animals and the females gather the plants and also cultivate them. Yet, this cultivation could not stay longer because of lessening of ground fertility. Since there was no knowledge of how to cultivate well, the production of harvesting decline along with diminishing of ground fertility. Again, this group got a deficiency of foods, and should wander to find the new land to survive.
The advancement in thinking along the experience of their life, the late stage of the civilization formation was developed with some of supporting aspects. The failure in cultivation before is a good experience for them to...

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