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What Is A Personal Trainer? Essay

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If you have ever seen a model or an actor on television and wondered how on earth they managed to get that incredible figure (really, who actually looks like that in real life?) you are probably looking at the results of a skilled personal trainer. A personal trainer is, by definition, an individual who works one on one with a person in order to help them to develop skill in a sport that they did not have previously. This can apply to an athlete in the field as well as a celebrity; as a matter of fact, most professional sports teams hire personal trainers to work alongside the coach in bringing the players up to the level of conditioning necessary for competitive athletics. This is not the ...view middle of the document...

As anyone who has ever successfully completed a weight loss and/or physical fitness program knows, the process is a lengthy one. There is no such thing as overnight success, and all of the commercials on television who claim to be able to produce such miracles are lying through their gold coated teeth in an attempt to fatten their own wallet. Success in such an endeavor is going to require months of devotion on the part of the individual to obtain any kind of noteworthy results, and this is where a personal trainer comes in.

When an individual begins to work with a personal trainer in an effort to increase their physical fitness the trainer will assist them in establishing a workout routine that will give them maximum results and in establishing realistic goals that will allow them to see results and not give up. A personal trainer is someone who is dedicated to stay with their clients for the long haul and who is willing to give enough of themselves and their knowledge to help others achieve their goals.

How is a personal trainer different from other related professions?

There are a number of professions that are closely related to that of a personal trainer, and a number of roles which people often expect their personal trainer to fill. To clear away a bit of those misconceptions before going into greater detail about what a personal trainer is and what they can do, a personal trainer is NOT:

1) A dietician. While a good personal trainer will be able to help their clients develop an eating plan that will help them to achieve their specific goals, most will not help them to develop a personalized, day by day eating agenda.
2) A massage therapist. It is the job of a personal trainer to give their clients aches and pains (within reason, of course); a professional massage therapist is someone who has been specially trained in the interrelation of the body’s muscles.
3) A counselor. While a personal trainer can certainly recommend lifestyle changes that will help an individual to achieve their goals more easily any changes in a client’s personal life are their responsibility and theirs alone.

That said, there are a number of establishments that make all of these services available to their clients; however, as a general rule these roles are filled by multiple personnel who have chosen to specialize in each.

Part 1: Getting a Personal Trainer

Why Get a Personal Trainer?

Why choose to work with a personal trainer indeed. What is the sense in spending hundreds of dollars to have someone tell you how many sit-ups to do? The reason is that the benefits of working with a personal trainer extend far beyond having someone to hold your hand while you work out.

What will a personal trainer help you to do?

As you saw earlier, the function of a personal trainer is to help their clients to establish a training routine that will help them to achieve their goals; realistic goals which they have also helped them to establish. A personal trainer...

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