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What Is A Phobia? Essay

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There are many, many different phobias in the world. Some ranging from claustrophobia, the fear of enclosed spaces, to agoraphobia, the fear of open spaces, however these little “fears” control these people’s lives. What we look at as just a normal day, they wake up worrying about ways to cope with this obsession. What causes phobias? What is a phobia? And how do we cure them?
What is a phobia? A phobia is classified as a lasting and unreasonable fear caused by the presence or thought of an object or situation that usually poses no danger. Exposure to this object or situation causes anxiety and immediate fear. The range of different phobias is infinite. Anyone at any stage in their life can develop a phobia, however most develop in adolescence and carry on into adulthood. Phobias in women are slightly more common than in men. It is estimated that about 5-12 percent of people suffer from phobias. These phobias are not just occasional nightmares or startling’s they are real to people who suffer from them. They can take over and control your life if not properly treated. A phobia is a disorder and does take proper treatment and/ or medication. They can cause severe anxiety and panic attacks. People who do not suffer from them do not understand the severity of this disease. Not only is it difficult to lead a normal life sometimes it’s like you’re living in your worst nightmare.
The top ten most common phobias include: arachnophobia, fear of spiders, ophidiophobia, fear of snakes, agoraphobia, fear of situations that are hard to escape from, cynophobia, fear of dogs, astraphobia, fear of thunder and lightning, trypanophobia, fear of injections, social phobias, fear of social situations, pteromerhanophobia, fear of flying, and mysophobia, fear of germs or dirt. These phobias can be attributed to many different things. For example cynophobia can be developed by a personal experience with a dog, like being bitten. Mysophobia can be a result of obsessive compulsive disorder. The people suffering from this disorder can have many different phobias at once. They cause a huge impact on your life, for example people suffering from social phobias may eventually never want to leave the comfort of their home for fear of coming into contact with people. Now the question is, how do we cure them?
A recent case study on social phobias was done to see if they could be cured. The patient was a 27 year old man. The patient was unmarried and a graduate. He complained he was suffering from fearfulness while in a crowd also accompanied by sweating, low-confidence, negative thoughts, and decreased interaction. He also said these symptoms had been ongoing for 5 to 6 years. Before they began treating him the doctors wanted to find out more about what the underlying causes of his social phobia was. It was discovered that as a child he was much more fearful than other children his age. He had a very overprotective...

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