What Is A Tablet And How Does It Benefit Us?

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Tablet computer is a mobile computer with a display, circuitry and battery in one single unit. Tables can be seen as a bigger version of mobiles, since they are equipped with cameras, microphone, accelerometer and touchscreen in which you can use stylus pen replacing computers mouse and keyboard. Tablets can be carried around in a pocket or a bag where desktop computers are stable and cannot be picked up and carried around.
Tablets are great way of doing business on the road, for example, if you are in a bus or a plane, it is easier to bring out your tablet than your computer. Tablet is mostly for travelling and using it to certain limit. If you only have a touchscreen in your head typing will not be as easy as it would be on a keyboard, but there are possibilities to add-on a keyboard if needed.  
Computers in general were discovered in the 1970’s, from then onwards the software and casing for this gone smaller and smaller. [1] First there was a desktop computer which followed with a laptop and nowadays tablet has become even more popular. Tablet computer is easily comparable to desktop computer and to a laptop; all of them designed for the same reason and purpose in mind.

2.1 Tablet
Tablet is compact software which can be described as a small laptop. As the tablets has become a weapon for computers, since a tablet has a thin, touchscreen-operating system and great experience while browsing the web and using its own applications. The biggest difference is the size; tablets are smaller than a desktop or a laptop, but still bigger than a smartphone. It has a build-in battery and
One of the downsides of tablets could be the fact that you have to type on the screen and the keyboard might not be big enough. Well, many companies have come up with a solution to the problem; they have made Bluetooth-keyboard or using a docking station which includes a keyboard. [1]

2.2 Usage
Tablet can be used in many places and in many situations in everyday life, which is why they are pretty fashionable. Having a tablet might mean that if you are on the road and do not want to carry a heavier laptop you can still do your business and attend to meetings. The fact that many of the tablets have a build-in camera means that people can take pictures in any place they want, at any time they would like.
2.3 Market of tablet
Tablets have become more known since 2010, before that the only carry-on device was laptop. Laptops have decreased in size and weight, but it is still nothing compared to a tablet. Taken to account the pros and cons on both of the devices, it can be noted that the tablet has a longer battery life and therefore is more suitable as traveling and carry-on device. [2]

Tablets are easy to carry around and be used in everyday situations. Tablets can be seen as a new learning device. Since the computers have taken over the usual way of taking...

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