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What Is A Veterinary Technician And What Is Their Job?

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Veterinary Technician is the assistant to a Veterinarian. Vet techs are the first people an animal sees when they are getting checked and have many important duties to perform in animal hospitals. Sometimes, they are nursing skills are compared to nurses for humans. They can take on the roles of radiologic technicians, surgical technicians, dental techs, etc. There are certain occasions where the veterinary technicians will have to do nonmedical work such as grooming and cleaning cages.
To become a veterinary technician, they need to get either a two-year degree or a four-year degree in veterinary technology. Most vet techs have a two-year associate’s degree. There are exams that need to ...view middle of the document...

First, they give a general exam to see if there is anything wrong with the animal that can be seen without having to do major tests. A vet tech must know what is normal for an animal in order to determine what is out of the ordinary. Talking to the owner can also give some insight on what might be the problem. The animal’s blood pressure, temperature, and vital signs need to be checked to see if those being abnormal are the problem. Skin, blood, and/or bodily fluid samples may also be taken. If none of these tests show what the problem is then a sonogram may have to be taken. This is used to look for tumors or other issues not able to be seen on the surface. Some animals may need to be put under anesthesia or held down for certain tests. That’s when the veterinary technician has a very crucial job to perform. They may have to hold the animal down while the test is going on or put the animal under anesthesia. It is important that the vet tech knows what the dosage should be or the situation could turn fatal.
When it comes to surgery, the veterinary technician will perform most of their medical work. The vet tech will mostly be the person to prep all the animals for...

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