What Is A Work Of Art Vs. What Is Not Music Artist Comparisons Essay

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Many people judge things extremely differently depending on their own personal taste, simply what they like, and don't like. Personal taste is accumulated throughout life; it's affected by what surrounds you, who you grow up with. When you're a small child, certain things start to rub off on you; I believe that your siblings are the biggest influences. When you're a child, your 'older brother' or 'older sister' (if you have one) is almost always your role model; in some other cases, it's maybe your father, mother or someone else. Whatever they're 'in to' you get 'in to' because you're always around them and it just rubs off on you. I've chosen two songs, one that I dislike and one that I like, to demonstrate my own personal taste. The two songs are: 'Dance With Me' by One Twelve, a group of four RnB artists, and 'Girl You Got To Know' by Massari, a fairly new popular RnB artist. I will be discussing each in terms of their rhythm, rhyme, their overall flow, and lyrical value.The song 'Dance With Me' is simply enjoyable and entertaining. If I were to break down the reason why I think it's superior, the first thing that would come to my head would be that the singer has such a unique voice. His singing voice is higher pitched than the regular RnB artists, but not too high, and is a very aggressive voice. The rhyming in the song is very simple, and at most places they just rhyme the same word, which makes the song an easy sing along. The rhyming plus the rhythm, really create a flow, which after listening to it once, will surely make you get into the song, whether it's by singing it, dancing to it, or simply tapping your foot. This song was simply made for entertainment, which explains the lack of lyrical value. It simply talks about wanting someone to dance with them, but every song serves a purpose, whether it's to get a message out, or just simply to amuse, in this case, it's just to amuse.The song 'Girl You Got To Know' is basically horrible. The reason I use such harsh words is because I simply don't like this song. The voice of Massari is a voice that anybody could do, he doesn't ever have any higher or lower notes, but in this case, it's too soft,...

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