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What Is Abortion? Essay

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What is abortion? For those of you who do not know, abortion is killing a fetus in the mother’s womb before the fetus has the opportunity to develop. Scientists may argue that a fetus does not become a person until it is born, but I do not agree. I believe the fetus is a human being as soon as it is conceived, and aborting that child should be considered murder.
People have many reasons for wanting to abort their children.Some say they can’t afford another baby; others say they don’t want the child because they hate the person who got them pregnant. Often times women who are raped and get pregnant will want to abort their child. In this case the mother has options that don’t include ...view middle of the document...

Many teenagers who get pregnant react very emotionally and want to abort the baby right away, but after they do, they regret it for the rest of their life. This happened to one of my friends in Ethiopia who got pregnant .Her name was Mena and she was only 12 years old. She freaked out and told me about it and I did not know what to do. I tried asking her who was the father so he could help her, but she did not want to tell me. I wish I knew more and could have helped her, but I was a young girl myself and did not know what to do so I stayed quiet. After thinking about it, she decided to get an abortion. I tried to stop her, but she already made up her mind. Mena made me swear to secrecy not to tell anybody. She said never to talk about it to her or anyone else.
After she aborted the baby she was depressed all the time and she did not want to talk to anybody. Mena was the smartest kid in my class, but after what happened, she started failing all her classes. A couples of months later I came to the USA and we lost touch. I tried emailing her and calling her, but no one answered. I wonder all the time if I had told someone about what happened, it could it have been different for Mena. I was only 12 and did not think of the consequences, even now I think about calling her and telling her, but I lost her phone number a long time ago. If I had the chance to do it over again, I would have done it differently and told my parents everything that happened.

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According to Bible abortion is not allowed. “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you; I have appointed you a prophet to the nations” (Jeremiah 1:5). This is saying that God knows who you are before you are even born, and killing that child would be a sin. “You shall not murder” (Exodus 20:13). The accounts of the creation of man and woman in Genesis (Genesis 1:26-31; 2:4-25) tell us this: "God created man in his image; in the divine image he created him; male and female he created them" (Genesis 1:27).
Imagine if Louis Pasteur had been aborted. He developed a cure for rabies and anthrax. He saved many lives at that time. We could have lost a great mind like him. You do not know what the child is going to do once they grow up. They can save millions of lives, so remember by that killing them you’re also killing others.
A woman wanted to abort her baby because she thought her baby was going to be gay when she grew up. She said “I do not want a gay baby, I would rather abort it that see that he is gay” (Russell). “Aborting a child is far worse than killing a grown person” (Russell). A child is innocent but an adult might be guilty.
I think it should be illegal to abort a child. If a mother kills the person who tortured and killed her child, you will be on trial for killing that person, but if you kill your unborn child nothing will happen to you. How is that fair?
Children are innocent and do not deserve dying to die, while the murderers who...

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