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What Is Acceptable Behaviour For Elected Public Officials.

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We live in an age where technology is at the forefront of our lives. Everything we say or do is publicized in social media or on TV, especially for people in the public eye. We see role models defaming themselves because of the need to “have a life,” when really they gave up that right when they chose their career. I believe there is a clear-cut way for elected officials to act in public and it is not like Rob Ford.

As a politician you are a representative of the people. Adults of the specified area vote for whom they believe will do the best job. With that kind of responsibility on their hands they do not have time to do their job properly and have a personal life in the public eye. We hear of politicians abusing their privilege, like the senate scandal. Having access to public money and spending it on things not related to helping the people. The people involved in the senate scandal used government money to pay for housing expenses and trips that were not necessary under their job description. Unfortunately because they are in the senate they were appointed not elected, meaning the Prime Minister hand selected the people that went on to steal from the Canadian people. Currently we have been hearing about Alison Redford spending tax dollars to take her daughter and friends on trips as well as to personal funerals. Yet we hear constant complaining about needing funding for different social programs like welfare, health care and schooling. When our premier is spending the needed money on nothing close to the cause. Acceptable behavior for elected officials is doing to job they are required to do, nothing more nothing less. They are where they are because they are good at what they do. They should be taking advantage of their skills and bettering our nation, instead of taking advantage of the people.

Another problem recently has been Rob Ford the mayor of Toronto. He has been caught smoking marijuana, snorting cocaine and abusing alcohol. As well as driving under the influence, he has known ties with gangs and prostitution rings. This all came to light late last year; he was then accused of sexually harassing co-workers. He continues to strive to stay in the public eye and create as much attention as possible but still will not step down as mayor. Now if you ask people what they think of Canada they immediately think of Rob Ford. Again how do people like this...

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