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What Is All The Hormones Estrogen

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Estrogen is a whole class of related hormones , among estriol , estradiol and estrone . Estriol is made by the placenta. It occurs during pregnancy.

Estradiol is the main sex hormone in female infertility. Forms of development of follicles in the ovaries. Estradiol is responsible for female characteristics and sexual function . Estradiol is also important for bone health in women guard. Estradiol contributes gynecological problems , including endometriosis and fibroids and even cancer in women. Estrone is all over. It only estrogen after menopause exists .

Why estrogen levels decrease ?

There are many reasons why the decline in estrogen levels , include:
• Hypogonadism
• hypopituitarism ...view middle of the document...

Start here and other physiological changes . Menopausal women may experience weight gain, and other symptoms of menopause . So one can tolerate irregular menstrual flashes , dry hot , and case .

Average menopause begins around the age of 51 years. When this happens , the body produces less estrogen and progesterone female . Decline in estrogen levels during menopause can cause unpleasant symptoms such as :
• Flushing
• night sweats
• vaginal dryness or itching
• loss of sexual desire or libido

Some women also suffer from a bad mood . It is not entirely clear whether it is related to the loss of estrogen. Lower estrogen levels may also be a woman 's risk of heart forgiven , stroke and osteoporosis fractures increased .

Why increase estrogen levels ?

During puberty, it's normal estrogen levels rise . This is a hormone that plays a role in important changes in the body of the young. For example, play a role in breast cancer development , a figure more mature , fuller hips and pubic hair and armpit .

In addition , high levels of estrogen in women overweight end . High amount of estrogen in women who suffer from high blood pressure or diabetes. Estrogen levels rise during normal pregnancy and high levels of estrogen can be seen in women with tumors of the ovary or adrenal destruction. Certain medications , such as steroid medications , ampicillin , medications containing estrogen , phenolphthalein , and tetracyclines may also increase estrogen levels .

What happens when testosterone levels rise or drop in women ?

If a woman's body produces too much testosterone, a woman may experience irregular or absent menstrual periods . Today could also be more body hair average woman . Some women with high testosterone levels develop frontal baldness . Other possible side effects include acne clitoris , enlarged , increased muscle mass , and deepening of the voice .

High levels of testosterone can also cause infertility and it is predominantly applicable syndrome (PCOS ) . Occurred endocrine disorder polycystic are sometimes caught in women of childbearing age have difficulty getting pregnant. Women with PCOS have similar symptoms to problems caused by high levels of testosterone. These problems are :
• Obesity
• Body in swollen
• excessive growth of hair or thinning hair
• Buy
• irregular menstruation

Polycystic occurred related to:
• High levels of circulating male hormones
• Insulin Resistance
• carbohydrate intolerance - it allows these women will fall soon
• Low levels of HDL cholesterol "good"
• Elevated triglycerides
• High levels of LDL cholesterol , the "bad "
• Obesity
• High blood pressure

If PCOS women over the presence of these risk factors increase the risk of heart forgiven . During menopause, women experience a decrease in testosterone . This may be correlated with a decrease in sexual desire . It is determined that testosterone replacement therapy certain sexual function in women perimenopausal and menopausal can benefit ....

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